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5D Group Launches New AD Digestate Concentrator

Struggling to find a viable use for the heat produced by your CHP units.

Our Organic concentrator will reduce your liquid digestate volume by up to 70%. It is not a drying process, there are no emissions to air, or noisey and expensive fans to run. Its a 100% liquid based process that concentrates all the nutrients into a liquid that can be pumped, transported and spread using your existing equipment. Simply reducing the cost of spreading. If you are already receiving RHI income the process may be eligible for the RHI.

  • Almost all of your nutrients remain in the concentrate, helping you achieve your sustainability criteria.
  • Plants can be sized to use heat from 150 kW up to 4 MW.
  • A 600 kW 2 stage system can reduce your daily spreading by 62 m3 per day, thats over 2 slurry tankers per day.
  • Zero emissions to air.
  • No air discharge, no Ammonia lost to air.

Call the team at 5D now for further information.